Beginner's Guide to Photography
Controlling Flash
Learn how to take control of the camera's built-in fl

Harness Lighting
In some situations you may want to turn OFF the flash, or at least change its behavior.You are probably familiar with the crisp but somewhat uniform look of these pictures. So what if you want to try something different?

The Flash Mode Button
When in program mode, the camera will fire the flash if the light level is low. (which is more often than not). You can easily take back control of the flash - look for a small button or icon with the "lightning" symbol..

Pressing the "lightning" button will cycle through available flash modes.

Common Flash Modes:
In most camera modes, Auto-flash is enabled by default and will automatically fire if the camera thinks it needs more light.
Disabled Flash
no flash. There are many cases where you may not want flash at all. The mood of the photograph can sometimes be more dramatic when the natural light is used.
Forced Flash
When forced, the camera will always fire the flash regardless of necessity.
Slow Flash
In this flash mode, the shutter is kept open longer to expose the background. (Essentially the same as the Party/Indoor shooting mode)