Beginner's Guide to Photography
Processing and Printing
From brightness and contrast to digital retouching, transform
your photographs with the power of photo editing.
Photo Editing - The Dark Side of the Moon
The subject of photo editing is often ignored when photography is introduced to beginners, but it is a powerful tool for enhancing your images, and well worth the effort. You don't have to be a computer expert either, great effects can be created in seconds once you know a couple shortcuts.

adjust color, contrast, grain, cropping and more with photo editing.

Modern digital photo editing

A computer and photo editing software is all that is needed to begin your digital darkroom.

Every aspect of the image can be altered, from subtle changes of color and contrast to drastic retouching effects. Popular software include titles like Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or Gimp.



Classic photo editing
In the old days, the darkroom was the wizard's tower. Film was processed in developing chemicals and then projected onto paper prints - all in near darkness.

The art of darkroom manipulation is alive and well, and is still the preferred choice for black and white film photography.

It's a great feeling to hold a photograph in the hand. You might not want to print out every picture you take, but you should definitely make prints of your favorites.

Printing at Home
Newer cameras can connect directly to compatible printers, or you can copy the images to your computer and make prints from there.

It's convenient to preview images on-screen, but treat yourself to a print every now and then. If you have a printer, why not use it more often?


Printing at the Lab
Most photo labs can handle film and digital photos. The prints from the photo-lab are very high quality and will last much longer than home prints. You can take your camera directly to the lab, or bring them a CD after you've had some fun with photo editing.

Printing Online
There are some very good online photo-labs that can handle all your printing needs. You upload pictures to the site, make the order, and the prints are sent to you. You can also make postcards, scrapbooks, and much more. As a bonus, the print quality is usually top-notch.