Digital Camera Buying Guide
Camera Research Guide
Most camera buyers spend large amounts of time researching before they go shopping. If you care about certain features you should make sure your new camera has them.
Magazines and Print
Every month there are a new batch of cameras, and new magazines that review them. Visit your local newsstand and pick up a couple. Of course, you could always do your research online but sometimes its nice to do things the old fashioned way. Here are some links to the web sites of some popular magazines.

ShutterBug Magazine | Photographic Magazine | Digital Photo Magazine

Online Review Sites, User Opinions, and Comparisons
There are some amazing camera review web sites that you should visit during your research. If you like the fine details, and want to compare models feature by feature you won't be disappointed with the quantity and quality of reviews. Finding out what other people think about a camera is a helpful way to shorten your list. Most review web sites have a user feedback section, and don't forget your personal connections - if your friend has a camera you like, see if you can test it out.
The ultimate digital camera news and review site. If you want to know every last feature and detail of a new camera, this is the place.
Reviews of many cameras, and not just digital. Large format and 35mm cameras are reviewed, and there is a pretty good comparison feature as well.
A great source of user reviews, with many camera owners posting their comments. Great place to find out about quirks that might not be mentioned on the normal review sites.
If you're from the UK, you already know Kelkoo - the most popular price comparison web site. The digital camera section is packed, worth a look.

The Camera Store
There is simply no substitute for holding a camera in your hand. Even if you end up buying your camera online, it's a good idea to test it in person if you can find a store has the one you want.

Price Research vs. Where to buy
During your research, you will find many advertisements for companies who want to sell you cameras. If you find a good source then bookmark it for later, but remember that Deciding WHERE to buy your camera is a separate task. Visit the where to buy guide for more information.