Digital Camera Buying Guide
Quick-Picks: Digital Camera Reviews
Don't have time for a lot of research? This list contains
a few recommended digital cameras that
should make your short-list.

Updated September 2004

Safe Bets
It is no secret that I think Canon cameras are superb, and until they are overtaken I will continue to recommend select models for new buyers:

Canon Powershot Pro-1
Prosumer - $$$$$

Canon Powershot S60
High End Compact - $$

Canon EOS 300D
Digital SLR - $$$$

Smart Buys
New cameras are announced every day. Which deserve more attention? Here a few that have earned the right to stand above the crowd:

updated Sept 16th, 2004
Canon Powershot G6
Compact/Prosumer - $$$$

Olympus C8080 Wide
Prosumer - $$$$$

updated Sept 16th, 2004
Canon Powershot G3/G5
Compact/Prosumer - $$

Nikon Coolpix 4500
Compact/Prosumer - $$$

New & Fabulous
A look at some of the most delicious new cameras and image capture devices.
Hey, we all can dream!

updated Sept 21st, 2004
Panasonic SV-AS10D D-Snap
camera with "mp3" player

updated Sept 14th, 2004
Sony Cybershot DSC-M1
Cute, expensive, slow...

Sony Qualia 016
Ultra Luxury Compact

Leica Digilux 2
Pro/Luxury - $$$$$$$$

RolleiFlex MiniDigi
Poseur Compact - $$$