Canon EOS 300D - Digital Rebel
Entry Digital SLR - under USD $900

May 31st , 2004
This camera is a perfect starting point for photography enthusiasts, and offers better performance and image quality than its prosumer cousins.

The Canon EOS 300D costs less than most top of the line all-in one prosumer compacts. Why? This model is light on features, and remember that lenses are not included.

Canon EOS300D Digital Rebel

Breakthrough price - The price is hard to beat. At under $900 USD, the EOS 300D is a very valid option for those who are thinking about buying a prosumer compact. Even adding the price of a standard lens, the 300D could still end up cheaper. Less money for the camera body means more money for lenses.

Accepts Canon Lenses - The benefit of an SLR is that new lenses can be mounted. Canon lenses are FAST, offer outstanding optics, and have ultra low distortion. The speed and responsiveness of Canon's auto focus technology is legendary.

Its a Canon (or a Nikon) - When purchasing an SLR camera, the choice of manufacturer is more important than you think. The cost of the camera is insignificant when compared to the price of decent lenses. If this is your first SLR, buy a Canon or a Nikon. Make your choice not on the camera, but on the lenses.

Simplified Features - How did Canon offer a camera this cheap? There are only the basic features available on this model. For the SLR beginner, this shouldn't be a problem. Remember you can keep your lenses if you upgrade the camera body later.

Canon EOS300D Digital Rebel

The question isn't really about this camera, it's about lenses. When you buy a 35mm SLR camera, you are committing to a lens system. If you follow the lead of most professional photographers, the choice is between Nikon and Canon.

At the end of the day the camera is just a box with a shutter. Remember that the final objective is a good photograph, and lens quality is all the matters. Both Nikon and Canon offer lenses that are sharp, crisp and low distortion. But there are differences in how those lenses function.

Do you already have a set of compatible Nikon lenses? Then the D70 looks to be a very good option. Although it costs couple hundred dollars more than the 300D, the D70 has exceptional build quality.

But if you are new to SLRs, I will strongly suggest you go for Canon. In my experience Canon's auto-focus is much quicker. Canon lenses are also generally faster AND cheaper, without sacrificing quality. Have you seen those banks of photographers at sports or media events? Have you noticed the huge lenses are usually gray or white? Those photographers are all shooting Canon.

So back to the 300D. It is the perfect entry level digital Canon SLR. If budget is not an issue, than skip the 300D and go for the best-in-class, professional grade EOS 10D. (under $1400USD) and a *really* nice camera.