Canon Powershot G6
Compact Prosumer - Approx USD $600 to $700

Sept 16th, 2004
A highly anticipated release, the G6 is the latest in Canon's wildly popular "G" line of digital cameras.

The body is a little smaller than its predecessors, and the viewing screen increased to 2". Oh, and it's a 7.1 Megapixel. Improvements to the lens coating and a fast f2.0 make this camera a best-buy in its class.

Canon Powershot G6

Canon Powershot G6 - Front View

NEW! 7.1 Megapixel - The G6 comes with a high resolution 7.1 megapixel CCD. What does that mean? Big sharp pictures and never enough storage. Here are some powershot G6 image samples.

NEW! Smaller profile - Canon has done a slight redesign on the body, and the result is a slightly smaller size than the G4 and G5.

NEW! Larger LCD Monitor - The size of the fold-out LCD Monitor has been increased to 2". A small increase, but a nice perk.

NEW! Improved Lens Coating - A major complaint of the G5 was an effect called chromatic aberration or "purple fringing". Canon seems to have got the message, and the G6 sports an improved lens coating to cut down on unwanted flare. This can have a big effect on certain (backlit) shooting situations.

FAST f2.0 lens - One of the best things about the G series is the wonderful fast lens. Like its predecessors, the G6 has an f2.0 lens, which makes a huge difference in low light situations (which means pretty much all the time). That extra stop is critical when shooting with natural light, so a fast lens should be at the top of your feature list.

Superb Image Quality - Both the image tone and detail of the G3-G5 is top notch. Credit due to the high quality Canon lens and image processing technology.

Feature Packed - As with all new models, the G6 is packed with features. Shoot videos, time-lapse movies, and take full control of exposure with manual mode. Check out the official Canon G6 site for all the features.

Proven - The G series of digital cameras from Canon have earned quite a reputation, and for good reason. The G6 has a great lens, cutting edge features, reliability, and excellent Canon image technology.

Canon Powershot G6 - Back View

Canon Powershot G6

Like little brothers G3 and G5, the Powershot G6 looks set to become another favorite. If you're looking at new consumer cameras in the USD $600 dollar range, the G6 should be seriously considered. If I didn't already own the Pro-1 I would go for this camera.

highly recommended