Canon Powershot S60
High-end Compact - Approx USD $500

May 31st, 2004
Sleek and streamlined, the Powershot S60 is a deluxe compact digital camera with a price tag to match. If you are looking for a small but powerful point-and-shoot, spend some time looking at the S60. It borrows several features from Canon's higher end digital SLR's, and has a very nice wide angle lens. (The S50 does not have a wide angle)

Canon Powershot S60

Wide angle lens - The Powershot S60 has a wide angle lens, equivalent to a standard 28mm. By comparison most other compacts only go as wide as 35mm. Is it important? YES! Not only will you be able to get more dramatic scenes, wide lenses also help reduce camera-shake and allow you to get shots in tight spaces.

Great macro - The macro allows you to shoot images as close as 2" away. That's pretty good for a compact.

Canon quality and technology - From experience, the quality and ease-of-use of Canon technology has made me a strong supporter. The S60 is full of features that actually useful! Most important to the point-and-shoot photography is Canon's superb exposure technology.

9-point AiAF (smart focus) - The S60 supports a smart focus system that will be very helpful to point and shoot photographers. If you are not familiar with the half-press/compose/shoot dance, then you'll love this feature without even knowing it's there.

Sleek and Compact - The Powershot S60 is very sleek and small, probably adding to the price tag.

Compact Flash - The S60 uses compact flash storage which is an industry standard.

Full Manual Mode - Although the S60 looks like a compact, it offers full manual control over exposure. For beginners, something to grow in to.

Canon Powershot S60

The S60 is basically a prosumer camera in a compact body. It supports all the latest digital camera features (shooting video, etc) in addition to having a very nice wide lens. The wide angle lens will probably make more impact to your photography than all the other features combined.

The Powershot S60 is a very nice camera, but not the cheapest. If you are looking for a sleek, top-of-the-line compact with plenty of room to grow then you should probably consider this camera.