Panasonic SV-AS10D D-Snap
Camera / Video / MP3 player - Approx USD $250

Sept 21st, 2004
The super-cute Panasonic SV-AS10 D-Snap is one of those "multi-function" cameras that take video in addition to other features: In this case a built-in MP3 player.

At under USD$300, the new D-Snap looks like a nice camera at first glance, but some of the "extras" need closer examination.

Panasonic SV-AS10D D-Snap

MP3/ WMA / AAC music playback - The main feature that caught my eye is the ability to play music. However the claim that it can handle mp3's is not quite accurate... read the conclusion below for more information..

2 Megapixel CCD - This is a mini-camera in all respects, and the 2 megapixel CCD is more than adequate to capture 3R prints or web images. Effective resolution is

Quicktime and JPEG video capture - The SV-AS10D can capture videos using both quicktime and motion jpeg formats.

Voice Recorder - You can use this little d-snap to record voice notes. (both for images and "dictaphone" style).

Ultra Thin Profile - I love the "phone" style profile, and it's *really* thin.

Panasonic SV-AS10D D-Snap - front and back views.

Panasonic SV-AS10D D-Snap

I originally wanted to buy this camera for a friend, mainly because it doubles up as an .mp3 player.. However...

The SV-AS10D advertising claims it can play .mp3 files, but in fact it does NOT. You have to install some "panasonic jukebox" software which then encrypts your mp3's into a proprietary format.

End result? If you have a large .mp3 collection you'll have to spend hours (or days) converting them to Panasonic's format. :(

cute, but the D-Snap SV-AS10D
does *not* play .mp3's