Rolleiflex MiniDigi
Poseur Compact - Below USD $400

March 13th, 2004
The new and fabulous section is my excuse to list fanciful cameras, and this is one of my favorites. A tiny digital camera in the classic Rolleiflex twin lens design. The LCD is viewed from the top, in the style of ground-glass medium format cameras.

I wonder if there will be an "authentic" mode that shows a mirror-flipped image on the display!

First Impressions
Rollei Mini-Digi

It's soooooooo cute!

If you're a Rolleiflex fan or a gizmo collector, than don't pass this one up! In addition to being the ultimate poseur gadget, this camera could be a great conversation starter for you guys without a cute puppy dog. ;)

On a more practical note: the lens isn't particularly fast (2.8) and it is fixed (no zoom). Even if the lens is good quality, the camera doesn't shoot very high resolution images (around 2 megapixels I think).

Although this is a probably a collectors item, I do like the look of it. I'd be delighted to find one in my mailbox!