Digital Camera Buying Guide
How and Where to Buy
Choosing a camera is just the first step. Figuring out where to buy isn't hard - but be careful. Buy good camera from a bad retailer and you could still end up unhappy. Here are some recommended retailers and tips for deciding where to buy.

Buying Tips:

Price isn't everything
Going for the cheapest price isn't always the best choice. Make sure that the retailer has a good reputation for reliability and customer service.

Watch the shipping costs!
Be careful of high shipping charges, or very late deliveries. Again, going with a more well known company will reduce your risk. Some retailers like Amazon offer free shipping with many new cameras.

What's the return policy?
IMPORTANT, it is a sad fact that every batch of cameras has a few bad apples. Digital cameras have especially high rates of return because of their complex and sensitive technology. Make sure that you can return the camera for an immediate replacement. Warning - cheaper "clearance sale" sites will often get these cameras and try to pass them on.

Stores are good.
If you find a local store that carries the camera you want, you should consider them if the price is right. Some stores will match online prices, and knowing you can return a faulty camera for an immediate refund is very comforting.

Shipping Delay
Make sure you know how long it will take to ship your new camera. Delays of 2 weeks or more is not unheard of.

Here are a few popular online locations to buy cameras or find retailers. These shops do have a reputation for large turnover and positive customer satisfaction, but you should always check recent user reviews if you can.

Possibly one of the largest online retailers, also has very competitive prices for digital cameras. Delivery is usually very quick, and many cameras are offered with free shipping. A pretty safe bet.
Visit Amazon's Camera Section

Best Buy
Many retail locations - you have the added comfort of being able to return an online purchase at a real world location. Together with free shipping specials, this makes Best Buy a worthy consideration
Visit BestBuy

Circuit City
Circuit City is a Best Buy alternative, and also offer both online and real-world locations. You can order online and pick up at the store if you like. Also, free shipping on most digital cameras.
Visit Circuit City

If you are comparing prices, take a look at Google's new price comparison service - Froogle. Just enter a camera into the search box and view the many, many results.

Froogle's competitor and is owned by Amazon. Search by camera name.
Visit A9

This popular user-review site also has a price comparison service. You can find some good prices but be sure to check the user reviews of the retailer.
Visit Epinions