Photo Editing:
Film Magic for Digital Cameras
Digital photography is here to stay,
but you can still get the feeling of classic film.

re-create classic film effects using the digital darkroom.

The Texture of Film
For years photographers have used the texture of film to enhance the mood of an image. From black and white to color slide, traditional photographic films have unique combinations of grain, color, and contrast - this is what gives them their special flavour.

Reproducing Film Effects
Although it will never fool the purists, you can alter you digital photos to get close to the feeling of real film. Most of these effects use only a few simple commands - color, grain, and contrast.

Saturated Color Slide
A popular slide film techinique is to slightly underexpose the image. This has the effect of adding a little extra punch and richness to the colors.
Pushed Film
Often used in photojouralism and advertising, pushing film makes it more sensitivite to light and also increases contrast and grain.
Black and White
From Kodak to Ilford, the nuances of film grain and contrast add to the classic effect of black and white photography.
Sepia Tone
Emulate the subtle tones of sepia and blue toned black and white images.
Color Negative
The most common of all modern film, color negative was king until digital came to town. This film exhibits slightly lowered contrast and saturation.