The Gimp: free and good.
GIMP stands for "General Image Manipulation Program". Although it has an odd name, "The Gimp" is a very powerful program for editing digital photos. The Gimp is quality open-source software, originally written by Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis and now developed and maintained by hundreds of talented programmers from around the world.

cross-platform, free, AND good.
Photonhead online samples and tutorials use The Gimp.

  • feature packed
  • free to use open source software
  • available for Windows, Mac, and Unix
The Gimp for Windows


Download GTK 2.2.4
3.55 Megabytes

Required runtime files. (Install first)

Download The Gimp 2.0
11.4 Megabytes

The Gimp program. (Install second)

more links:

The Gimp for Windows Homepage


The Gimp for Mac OSX

more links:

The Gimp for MacOSX Homepage
community portal for Mac Gimp users.


The Gimp for Unix

more links:

The Gimp for Unix Homepage